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Install Windows 8 on an HP TouchSmart IQ500 IQ506

 Overview! (4/2/2013)

Installing the Windows 8 Pro 64bit upgrade on my IQ506 turned out to be a royal pain. I couldn't find any helpful information on how to solve the Black screen problem. I finally came up with a solution after trial and error.

My IQ506 has an nVidia 9300M GS video card in it. The latest nVidia drivers and the default drivers installed by Microsoft both cause the screen to go black during a clean install of Windows 8 Pro. This can also happen if you use anything but the original HP drivers.

In the Advanced Power Scheme settings, set: PCI Express - Link State Power Management to "Off". This solved all my black screen problems. It's been on for months now without an issue. If I set it to anything but "off" my screen starts going black again.

Once you set that to off you can install the latest nVidia drivers from the nVidia website. You have to install the 9300 drivers not the 9300M drivers. The 9300M drivers will say there is no supported hardware and refuse to install.

See Installing the Latest Drivers below for Multi-Touch Screen support and Unknown or missing HP drivers.

 Overview on How to install Windows 8 Cleanly!

I like to install a new version of Windows cleanly. If you choose to follow the upgrade path you will end up with random weirdness. Any problem you have now will probably be in the new install. Cleanly means you install Windows to a blank drive or blank partition on a drive. Then reinstall all your software and drivers from scratch. In this case I removed my old hard drive and put in a spare hard drive. If for any reason Windows 8 doesn't work or I have some other random problem I can just stick my old drive back in there.


Basically what we're going to do is install Windows 8 half way. Boot into Linux and throw away the nVidia driver information files. Finish installing Windows 8. Fix the Power Settings. Install the latest nVidia drivers.

You will need a Linux USB boot drive or CD and a Windows 8 install CD or USB drive. I prefer the USB drives. I usually get a 8Gb drive to be safe.

Create a Linux boot disk

Get the program called YUMI from

It will help you download a copy of Linux and create a bootable disc or USB drive. I used Ubuntu 12.04.

Test the boot drive and try out Linux. Insert it into a USB port and turn on the HP Touchsmart. Tap the ESC key until the Boot Menu appears. Choose the name of your USB drive. Usually the bottom choice in the list. If it works the YUMI menu should appear. When asked run Linux off the USB drive. Once in Linux try and browse your hard drive. Usually it's the icon that looks like a Hard Drive (a shiny metal box) on the bottom left hand side. Once you know how to browse the files on your drive proceed with the Windows install.

Install Windows 8

Put your Windows 8 CD or USB install into the drive. If it's USB you can insert it before turning on the computer. The CD you'll have to insert immediately afterwards. Tap ESC for the boot menu and choose your Windows 8 install device.

Install Windows 8 to the point where it tells you to remove the Install drive and reboot. At this point you want to insert your Linux Boot disc or drive and reboot. When the computer reboots tap the ESC key so the boot menu will appear. If all goes well you you can boot into Linux now. If not Windows will proceed until it blacks out and you'll have to start over.

Once in Linux... browse the hard drive to the Windows folder. Open it and find the INF folder. Open it and find the files nv_LH.inf and nv_lh.PNF. Delete those two files. Those are the information files Windows uses to install the nVidia video card drivers. Without them Windows will install the default Windows VGA driver.

Now remove your Linux disc and shut down linux.

Reboot and finish installing WIndows 8.

Once installed proceed to the Power Options in the Control panel and set the PCI Express - Link State Power Management to "Off".

Next install the drivers.

 Installing the latest Drivers! (Updated 5/13/2014)

First thing to do after installing Windows is look in Device Manager to see which items have yellow exclamation points. Those items require drivers from the manufacturer.

Easiest way to find Device Manager in Windows 8 is from the Desktop. Move your mouse pointer into the lower left corner of the screen and Click the Right button. You should get a menu with Device Manager listed. If you go to the Start Screen you clicked the Left button. Try again and Click the other button.:)

HP Drivers

HP has all the drivers listed on their website. Go to Click on Support then Drivers and Software. Enter your IQ500 model number in the search field. For example, I have an IQ506. Choose Windows 7 when it asks for the OS. If you can't find something there look under Vista.

What do I need?

This will vary according to the IQ model you have. If you see something in Device Manager that's marked Yellow and says Audio then you need the Audio Drivers. Network is usually a Network or Wifi card. Start with the major devices and work your way down. Sometimes installing the Audio or Video driver will fix 4 or 5 other missing devices.

If you end up with a Mulitmedia device listed it may be the HP Buttons and OSD driver. The OSD driver is needed for the keyboard and computer buttons to function correctly.

If you end up with an Unknown device listed it may be the AverMedia TV Tuner. The driver for it is in the VISTA section of HP's drivers.

Once you find the driver on HP... Download it. It's easiest to Download everything you might need then install them one at a time. Keep checking Device Manager until you get everything installed and working.

NOTE: HP provides some drivers in a self extracting zip file. When you try to install the driver from that file you may receive an error message stating this OS is not supported. That's caused by the HP installer. You can install the drivers by unzipping the HP file to a folder and running the setup.exe located inside the driver folder. You can also change the .exe to .zip and Windows 8 will open the file.

Video Card Drivers

My IQ has an nVidia 9300M Video card. Yours may be different. Get the latest drivers from It's usually best to install the latest Video card drivers. For the 9300M I had to use the drivers for the 9300. The 9300M drivers will say there's no supported hardware and refuse to install. The drivers are listed on the download page under GeForce 9 Series.

Touchscreen  Drivers for Multi-Touch

If you want Multi-Touch to work you need to install the Windows 8 drivers from The driver file is named Apparently they have closed. The driver file can be downloaded below.

Download (3.5Mb)

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Last Updated (April 4th, 2013)