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How to Disassemble an RCA Lyra RD2825 RD2826 RD2840

 Disassembling the Lyra RD2826A

I'm not a trained tech... This is just the way I did it. Don't blame me if you destroy your Lyra or blow your face off. Proceed at your own risk!!!

Getting this thing apart is not an easy task. First remove the 2 screws from the bottom. Nothing happens... I stuck a pocket knife straight into the crack with the length of the blade, not the tip. Then I pushed the bottom inward with my finger and twisted the knife down so it pulled the top out. It snapped apart at that spot. Then I worked my way around gently prying and pulling with my fingers until it was free. The picture above shows where the snap tabs are positioned.

Once it came it apart I could see how the hard drive and battery were mounted inside. Arggh... sticky copper tape with stuff soldered to it everywhere.

I de-soldered the brown wire and lifted the drive up enough to remove the IDE connector. Then I attached a 2.5" to 3.5" Hard Drive adaptor so I could hook the drive to my computer. Even though the drive was running it wasn't showing up on the computer or making the usual clicking noises. I decided to buy another one off Ebay.

But before I did that... I used an old 800Mb drive to test the rest of the Lyra. I'm not sure how small or large a drive it supports but it did work with an old 800mb drive so it does support other sizes.

Next I began to remove the old drive. I started by de-soldering the battery. The solder wasn't on the battery itself so I felt confident enough to proceed. It came loose without much trouble and never even got hot on top.

This picture is before I started removing the battery but it shows some of the wires connected to the sides. I de-soldered each wire using as little heat as possible.

Once the wires and battery were loose I laid the battery off to the side and pulled the drive out. Careful not to bend the wires still soldered to the main board. I then removed 4 brass screws from the bottom and pulled off the rubber boot.

The copper backing was like tape and it had some fuzzy tape wrapped around the sides. I cut the fuzzy tape straight through with a razor and peeled the copper tape back on both sides. Then I carefully pulled the copper tape off the back. It comes off easy if you pull straight and even. I marked the Back End with a B so I could reinstall it later.

At this point I bought another used drive off Ebay.

This is the inside without a drive.

Here you can see the rubber boot with the battery laying on top of it.

I didn't take any pictures of the new drive or reassembly. I put the copper tape back on the new drive. Put some electrical tape where the fuzzy tape used to be. Slid the rubber boot on the drive. Put the drive back in the case. Soldered the battery to the drive. Soldered the wires back to the drive. Before I soldered the wires, I put a fresh drop of solder on the end of each wire. Then I held them in place with one hand and melted the solder with the other. I was especially careful around the battery.

This is the inside with the new drive.

This is the inside with the new drive. Snapped the back on and it works good as new!

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