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This page contains links to great software from other companies. This is all software I use myself. A lot of the commercial sites offer demo's or trial versions. It's always a good idea to try something before you buy it.

Free Software
  3D Canvas Visit_Web_Site

3D Canvas: is an advanced 3D modeler and animation package. The basic package is FREE and does a lot of cool stuff. If you need some more advanced features the Plus and Pro packages are just $35 and $70.


ArtRage: is fantastic! It's a real media paint program for Windows or MAC based PC's. Lets you paint with Oils, Acrylics, Chalk, etc. Kids love it! Just try It!


AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition: Anti-Virus software for FREE! Works great! There's also a commercial version available with more features.


Maxthon Browser: This is my web browser of choice. It's based on Internet Explorers engine so it's extremely compatible. I actually switched from Firefox the day after I tried it.


Multimedia Xplorer: This may be a little dated but it still works great. It does batch conversions, slideshows and a load of other picture related things.


SmartFTP: is a Windows Explorer style program for handling FTP uploads and downloads. If you have a Web Site this comes in handy for copying files back and forth.


Shareware Software

Winzip: is one of the widest used and well known ZIP programs. If your not familiar with .ZIP, it's a format used to compress and join multiple files together into a single file. It works well for transferring files via Email, the Web or Removable disks. It also works well for organizing and storing files you don't use much.


Commercial Software

ACDSee7.0: is a must have for anyone who has a large collections of photo's. It's especially nice for people with minimum computer skills. There are step by step wizards to help Email photo's, put photo's on a CD or upload them to the Internet. You don't even need a Web Site. They provide a free service you can use to host your pictures for 30 days. Give the Demo a try.


PhotoImpact: is image editing and creation software. I really like this software but it's kind of buggy and the manual isn't that great. Try the Demo and decide for yourself.


RealDraw Pro3: This program is fantastic! You can create really complex, shaded, 3D looking effects in just a few clicks. It also has some tools you won't find in any other graphic design software. Try the Demo.

  Second Copy Visit_Web_Site

Second Copy: is a simple but powerful program for backing up or synchronizing files. I use it to backup my files and update my MP3 Jukebox. It would also work well for synchronizing a laptop and desktop. You can use it with any device that shows up as a drive letter. It makes a straight file to file copy.

Special Notice: Backup your files! :) I can't say it enough! One day you'll turn on your computer and it will make some clicking noises or it'll just be blank. All your Email, Internet Favorites, Passwords, Documents, Pictures, Drawings, Music, Financial records... gone!!

  Storm Windows Visit_Web_Site

Storm Windows: is a small security utility that's incredibly simple to use. It allows you to lock most system settings and even limit which programs can be used. It's perfect if you share your computer with the family, run store demo's or need to protect network settings from your employee's.


trueSpace: So you want to make 3D animations? This software does does everything related to 3D modeling and animation. The interface is a little weird at first but if you follow the tutorials it's pretty cool.


TurboCAD: If you need to do some designing then TurboCAD is for you. It comes in a variety of flavors so just about anyone can afford some version of it. Has a lot of Import and Export features.

  Go to Webposition! Visit_Web_Site

WebPosition Gold: So you have a website but nobody knows it. This software will help you analyze your website, adjust your html code, submit it to the different search engines and track where it ranks.

  Workstation Lock Visit_Web_Site

This is the simplest way to protect your computer. It puts up a password box that can't be bypassed without a password. I used this on some Windows 9X machines because on Windows 9x the password doesn't really do anything. You just hit Cancel and it lets you right on the machine. This won't keep the FBI off your system but it should stop most people or your kids.

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