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 About DynaCadd

DynaCADD was one of my favorite CAD programs. I was one of the original beta testers. I still use it occasionally. It was first introduced for the Atari ST around 1987. When Windows 95 was released they switched platforms and continued it's development. Sadly, it was discontinued when the company that created it... sold it.  Even though it's no longer supported, DynaCADD 98 can still be found on Ebay. The 3D tools are a little dated but the 2D tools are still excellent!

 I'm looking for something modern to replace DynaCadd

ViaCAD would be my best suggestion. You can usually get the 2D 3D version for around $60 or less. Comes with tons of training videos. Gets updated about once a year. It's not perfect but you won't find anything near the quality for the price.

 How to install DynaCADD in Newer versions of Windows

DynaCADD won't install in anything above Windows Vista. This is caused by the installer. To solve that problem I created a new installer for the original DynaCADD CD to help install it in newer versions of Windows. It copies the original CD files to the correct location and adds the Windows Registry.

NOTE: DynaCADD doesn't care about the user information. You can put anything for the serial number and it'll work fine.

Here's how to install it.

  1. Copy the entire DynaCADD CD into a folder somewhere on your hard drive. I named it DynaCADD Setup.

  2. Download the new installer. Click Here to Download!

  3. Unzip the to get DynaCADD_Copy.exe.

  4. Copy the DynaCADD_Copy.exe into the setup folder with the original dynacadd.exe. It's designed to run from there.

  5. Double click the DynaCADD_Copy.exe and install DynaCADD.

  6. If everything worked right DynaCADD should be installed. It's only been tested with version 4.50.a of DynaCADD 98. It may or may not work with other versions.

NOTE: This download is the installer only. It does not include the DynaCADD 98 setup files.

Click Here to Download the New Installer!

 Downloading Instructions

The DynaCADD Drawing files below are ZIPped, They must be unzipped before use.

After unzipping, double click the *.prw file to open the drawing in DynaCADD. You can also start DynaCADD and then choose Import > Project in the File menu.

To Render the 3D object in full color choose Render > Scanline Image in the Render menu and then select the 3D view you wish to render.

 Available Drawings (Click Image to Download)
3D Stegosaurus (185K) 2D Stencils (28K) 3D Toy Horse (58K) 2D Atari Portfolio (55K)
2D Atari Portfolio (167K) 3D Wooden Toy Truck (233K)

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